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Make Money With Your Own Print On Demand Store

Have you thought of starting your own online business ? Print On Demand can be a viable option!

Red Cat DesignIf you are looking for a way to earn some extra cash, a Print On Demand Store is a great option and the best part is you can get started with very little to have your own store on places like Tee Spring, Redbubble and Merch by Amazon.

Tee Spring and Redbubble are the simplest and quickest to sign up to getting started creating your shop and selling your merchandise right away. Merch by Amazon has a more stringent application process but can be done by keeping in mind that you are applying to the largest online store in the world and they will scrutinize your application closer than others but once you’re in, you’re in.

What are the Cons ?

  1. You have to dig deep into your creativeness to come up with some winning designs.
  2. This is not a quick get rich scheme, it takes a little work and creativeness.
  3. If you’re starting off with a small budget and can not afford to do some marketing of your own it will take a few weeks and possibly a month or two before you start seeing some sales.
  4. There are fees associated when you make a sale, like taxes and design costs but you don’t have to come up with this since it is taken off the sales. ( As you get the hang of it you will adjust your merchandise premiums accordingly to make bigger profits )

What are the Pros ?

  1. You can have designs up and displaying on your store the same day ( if you already have some designs ).
  2. You can start with zero investment to open a store on these platforms since they will print on demand when a customer orders.
  3. You can create free designs with resources like or if you want to outsource you can use
  4. If you are creative you could build a store on Facebook and drive free traffic to your store this way. Facebook provides you with many tips and tools to make the most of your store. It’s pretty awesome!
  5. In my experience with Redbubble they will fulfill orders in US and Europe too.

The question is how do you know what products to sell and which ones are trending ?

With Redbubble there is a free resource where you can see what is trending on Redbubble and it’s called Bubble Trends. You can choose the dates you which to search or just the most up to date.

Redbubble Trends at is another great free tool to find what is trending on Redbubble.

Another great free resource is Google Trends where you can compare search terms or topics to find trending information to create designs around these trends. For example I did a search on Cats and Dogs to show you how it looks like on Google Trends. As you can see in the illustration Cats is trending at 32 out of 100 and Dogs is trending 86 out of 100 which means dogs is not only trending higher but has a bigger audience. See below…

Google Trends gives you heaps of information like demographics of searches ( You can search by Country of residence or market target). See below…

Google Trends also breaks it down to each search term most searched in your target market as well. Cats and Dogs respectively. See the Related queries on the right of the illustration and to the right it says “Breakout”. That means that search term is RED HOT right now. You get 25 queries with each search which is usually enough to pull the trigger on one of them if it applies to your market. See illustration below…

You can also do a search on Google or other websites or blogs to get more information and ideas to create your awesome designs. Be creative and be alert where ever you go because all around you there is advertising, signs, media, social media and even your friends and family could give some great ideas to bring forward into your designs.

One MAJOR important thing that you must do before you go off starting your print on demand store or making a design for your products is a TRADEMARK SEARCH. If you do not want to have major issues with your design after working hours or days trying to come up with a Red Hot design to find out that you have violated Trademark or Copyright infringements.

STOP where you are and go to Trademark USPTO.Gov website in the US to do a search to make sure that your phrases or words are not trademarked. You’ll be surprised what is trademarked so don’t gamble with this step because you will waste your valuable time and can get need deep.

You can do the same Trademark Search in your country of residence as well. Here is what the Trademark site looks like if you’ve never been there and where to go. Click on “Search our database (TESS)” It will take you to the data base. See illustration #1 below…

On the second page and click on “Basic Word Mark Search”. See illustration below…

Once you’ve clicked on Basic Word Mark Search you will come to this page below… You’ll notice in the Search Term box I input “Dog Lovers” it gives me related searches because I previously did this search for my own store. Then click Submit Query to go to the database.

Here on this page below you will see all the related phrase associated with your search and on the right of the page you will see if the phrase is still Live or Dead. Meaning that if it is Live they are still in use and if it is Dead, it has Expired or Abandoned. Click on the Live to read the Trademark and what are the restrictions of use.

For example if you are planning to sell clothing then make sure that it does not apply to clothing or related merchandise. If it is, move on to the next one. Don’t waste your time and trying to find the fifth leg on the Cat.

Creating a Print On Demand store is simple and creating designs is not mind bending but you must do the tedious little things like Trademark Search. Keep in mind that not all designs will be a hit and some might surprise you by the reception of the public and your customers. Always think about what is in it for them, not what you like or what you think is best for your customer because they are the ones making the purchase.

You can use these resources for Redbubble and TeeSpring. However to my knowledge TeeSpring does not have a Trends Data website but you can do a search on their website to make sure the design does not already exist. Do this on all platforms including Merch by Amazon to make sure your design is not already being used.

Merch by Amazon has its own database so do a search on their platform for related designs you are interested in using. Do your due diligence and research so things could go a little smoother with your store.

Have fun and be creative with your designs. Use social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to get exposure to your store and your products. Set a business account in each of these platforms to leverage the power of social media and social signals online.

I hope this shed some light on Print On Demand store creation and hope this has been helpful to your journey. Would love to hear your comments and thoughts. Don’t forget to like and share…really appreciate it. All the best on all your endeavors. 

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