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How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing with NO MONEY for Beginners!

How to do affiliate marketing with no money

In this blog post I answer the Top 5 Questions Searched on Google about, ” How to start an Affiliate Marketing business for free and is it still profitable in 2021 ? ” It is not only possible but since the Pandemic hit affiliate marketing has went through the roof because most of everyone is either working from home and/or do almost all shopping online.

So read ’til the end to get all the juicy details of how you can leverage this amazing opportunity and all you need is a computer and an internet connection. No Credit Card Required!

Question: Whats Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing provides publishers a way to earn commissions by promoting other peoples or businesses products and services. Publishers, whom are people who have their own websites, blogs, or email lists and social media followers, to share their affiliate product links through your website or blog.

It’s a great system for people who want to create a revenue stream without having to create a product, manage product inventory, handle fulfillment or customer service and support issues.

Top 5 Questions Searched on Google are:

I could simply just answer YES to all questions but that won’t help you one bit. So, I am going to walk you through the process of how to put it all together. Get a Pen and Paper and something to drink because this could take a long minute or better yet download your free PDF copy of this entire post so you could take your time and do one step at a time.

Question: Can you start affiliate marketing with no money ? Can I start affiliate marketing as a beginner ?

Yes, You can do affiliate marketing for 100% Free with a free website and/or without a website. I will start by showing you with a free website and two free sources you could use to get started right now.

First option with a free website is by using WordPress is a world class site used by thousands of businesses and personal blogs around the world. There is also a paid version which you can get for free with a hosted service like Dreamhost, Hostgator or Bluehost among many but no need since we are talking free right now.

You will need to create a free account to get started if you don’t already have one. Once signed up you will go to your admin page where you can customize your site and start writing blog posts, product reviews to start promoting your affiliate products. When signing up you will be asked for the name of your site.

This should be congruent with the product you plan to promote. So you need to do a little research and come up with a name that is not only congruent with your product but also somewhat less competitive in search engines. You can read more details on how to go about it in blog post best-ways-to-increase-organic-traffic-to-your-blog-in-2021 where you can read paragraphs, Identify and Fix Non-Performing Content and Find New Keyword Opportunities where I go over this strategy.

Once you’ve drilled down the keyword phrase related to your product then use it in your website name and title. In this illustration below you’ll see the page you will come to on

Once inside your Dashboard you will start working on customizing your site. On the left hand side you will notice the Tab Design click on the dropdown arrow and choose Themes. Here you will select a Theme that suits you and your product. You also have the option to start with a Blank Canvas.

The reason you want to create only one page for your affiliate marketing website is you want your potential customer to laser focus on one thing only with no other distractions.

Once you select your Theme then click on Customize to customize the Home Page which is all you need for your Affiliate offer. You will come to this page where you will select Site Identity and input your website Title and Tagline if so desired. You can also add a site Logo, just follow the size requirements. You can use to create it for free.

You can change colors and backgrounds if so desired or leave default template. The next Tab you need to be concerned about is “Homepage Settings”, click on this Tab and choose ” A Static Page ” since you are only creating one page for your affiliate offer. In the next step you will create your Homepage.

In the illustration below you will go to the Pages Tab and select the Homepage by going to the right where you see the three dots. Click on it to open the edit option. Click on edit to start customizing the look and feel fo your page. Add the cover image and text desired and how you want your site to appear when published. You can preview your site before publishing to make sure everything is properly laid out and grammar is correct.

Below is an example of a free website I created with ( tender loving care diet ) for an affiliate marketing offer to show you what is possible. I created this site for a weight loss offer giving away a free video series to get people to subscribe and download their free video series. This is the website page main header image I created with which is free to use as well. You can click on the image below to view the website so you can see how I structured the site and give you some ideas of what you can do with yours.

Question: How do I become an affiliate free ?

Now that you’ve learned how you can build a free website for your affiliate product, Where do you find a product to sell if you don’t have one ? There are thousands of affiliate products you can sell for free and earn commissions.

This is how to get started with affiliate marketing with no money and here are several Affiliate Networks you can sign up for free to start promoting, you could sign up for affiliate marketing in each of these platforms for free:

  3. Amazon Associates Program
  4. Walmart affiliate program

There are thousands of affiliate programs and to many to list here but these are some of the popular ones to get started with right away. For this example I will use Clickbank which has higher commission payouts ranging from 50% to 75% on digital information products people are looking for. It’s free to sign up as an affiliate.

Once you sign up and verify your account you can click on Affiliate Market Place and this will take you to all the products available inside Clickbank. As you’ll notice below there are products in just about every category you can think of. So if you are into Woodworking there are products you can promote or if you’re into Art or Weight Loss I’m sure you will find a product.

Quick Tip: When selecting products in Clickbank select the niche or topic you would like to market and search by Gravity to find the top popular products that are currently selling online. Gravity as I understand it is approximately how many people are currently selling and making money with that particular product.

The Second option for a free website is You just need a google account or gmail account to get started. First thing is to give your site a Name and Title, here you will apply the same strategies as we discussed for the WordPress website. The name and title should include your keyword phrase terms. Best ways to get ideas for your website is to look at other sites in your niche and use them as inspiration to create your own version, do not copy other websites stuff ( Not Cool ).

Google Sites is Drag & Drop Easy and simple to use as you can see below. The best way to learn all these website applications is by using them and learning as you go.

If you have any questions you could drop a comment below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Here are a few tips that I recommend you should follow on How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing with NO MONEY:

  1. When starting affiliate marketing the most effective and cost minded strategy is to create a free offer and/or find a product you can give away. For example: There are many PLR products you can download and give away for free to get visitors to subscribe to you email list or newsletter. You can also create your own eBook or PDF report to give away.
  2. The reason you are giving away a free report, eBook or video series is because you want them to sign up to your email list to create a long term business model plus create trust and a relationship so they will become a long term customer.
  3. After the visitor has subscribed to your email list you can direct them to your affiliate product offer by including your affiliate links within your free eBook, free report or videos you are giving away.
  4. You could send your visitors to the Affiliate Product but once they visit and don’t buy you will never see them again. It is why you want them to opt in to your email list before sending them a product to purchase.

How do you get your visitors email ?

You need an email autoresponder service where you can capture their email information and that allows you to stay in touch with them plus send them product offers that is congruent with what they originally sign up for. If they signed up for an eBook on “How To Make Money”, you don’t want to send them an offer about weight loss or else they could probably unsubscribe from your list.

An Email Autoresponder service that I’ve been using personally for my business for more than 11 years is The reason I’ve used this service for so many years and not jumped to another service is because they are Affiliate Marketing friendly and never have had any issues or service interruptions plus their customer support is excellent.

Now Aweber offers a Free version which you can sign up for free and build a list of up to 500 subscribers before having to upgrade to a paid service and they now provide landing pages which is the next free method of marketing your affiliate products and get their email information killing two birds with one stone.

Below is the Email Subscriber Form designer dashboard where you will select the Template you prefer to use to create your email subscription opt in form. Once you have selected the Template you will go below to customize the Template with your Call to Action and what you are offering them. Go through the three steps Design, Settings and Publish to complete your email subscription opt in form.

This is where you would fill out the details and call-to-action in the Header. Click on each element ie. Name, Email and Submit Button to edit the fields.

In the Settings Page you will notice the red box to enter URL. This is where you would put your Affiliate Product link so Aweber will send them directly to your Affiliate Product after they have already subscribed to your email list. The next step after this is to save your edits on this page and move on to Publishing your Email Form. There you can grab the HTML code or Java Script to add to your Landing page or Website. I prefer using the Java Script because if you edit the email subscription form it will automatically edit on your website as well.

Now that you have created your email subscription form you can now create your Landing Page. Below is an illustration of a Aweber Landing Page inside the Dashboard where I create the Landing Page to give you a glimpse of what you will encounter and what is possible. As you can see I am giving away this free eBook and then redirecting them to my Affiliate Offer once they subscribe to my email list.

Question: Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2020 ?

Affiliate Marketing was not only profitable in 2020 but has consistently increased in trends through 2020 to 2021. Checkout the Google Trends chart below and you can see it only started dropping in December but this is because of the holidays as expected for the holiday season. This not only tells you that it is profitable but more people are getting into Affiliate Marketing because of current situation with the Pandemic and many people being at home and out of work. Which means that there is a tremendous opportunity for anyone to jump in and make a profitable side income online working from home.

Question: How to promote affiliate products ?

Since this is all about, “How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing with NO MONEY for Beginners” we will stick to free methods:

Want a more structured guide to help build your affiliate marketing business go here to get your Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Guide.

If you would like to learn how to create your own products to sell, build your email list or give away download your Free copy of How to Create 7 Products in 7 Days.

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