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Can You Start Making Money Creating eBooks ?

Sqribble helps You Create Your Own eBooks

Sqribble eBook CreatorThe question is, “Can You Start Making Money Creating eBooks ?” Here I share a new ebook creator I discovered researching how to create an eBook easier…

I’ve created eBooks manually one page at a time and have to say it is a tedious job not to mention finding a PDF software that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Most software’s are pretty darn expensive specially if you’re just starting out with a small budget.

First you have to layout your text and what topic your eBook will be discussing. You have to create the content for your eBook. If you are creating an eBook for a product you are launching you must include visual effects such as images and videos if possible. There are two segments you will categorize your eBook, giving away an eBook Free Information, how to lecture, how to tips, tools and/or resources you could use to build your email list or create eBooks you could monetize by posting them on sites like,,, and

Today are gone the days where your audience will sit for minutes or hours to consume the literature. The attention span of most people today is about 8 seconds and if you can not create a hook that will keep your audience engaged they will be gone faster than they arrived to your eBook in the first place.

Engaging visual images, illustrations or info-graphic are crucial to your content success. Today technology has evolved to the point where you can even include videos and/or animation which is pretty exciting if you ask me.

If you would like to create professional eBooks with all these elements you need a special software than can do all this but there are limited choices and some can cost you in the hundreds of dollars and if you decide to outsource this you will pay a handsome amount to get a professional eBook your clients will pay money for.

As being in the front-line of doing business online and marketing online using many of these resources and tools I discovered a brand new technology that is truly mind blowing because it can do so many of these tasks of creating a professional eBook for clients, for your business or to build your list of subscribers to grow your business in minutes instead of days, weeks or longer.

Time is money as we say in the business world and the quicker you can produce your eBooks the faster you can create your email list or even better yet, increase your profits by selling them online or creating them for paying clients.

This amazing eBook creation software is called Sqribble…You can watch the Demo Video below.

Discover how you could start making money creating eBooks Watch Demo Video Below

Learn More about Sqribble eBook Creator Here

Before you start creating your eBook you must do a thorough market research and keyword terms or phrases related to your topic. These keyword terms and phrases should be used sparingly throughout the eBook content. You could do this by using free resources like Google Keyword Planner or Wordtracker to find the best keyword terms and keyword phrases so your eBook has a better chance of getting organic traffic and being found online. This is something overlooked by many and then wonder why your content is not found in search engines.

Next you need to think about the look and feel of your eBook, will it be tailored to Lawyers, Restaurant Chefs, Online Business or other industries. Either way you should use the design to be relevant to the specific market you are targeting. If you use Sqribble it already includes many templates you could use without having to scour the internet to find a template that suits your eBook.

Another consideration when creating your eBooks is the visual content ie. images, graphics or illustrations must be congruent with your content and topic. The worst thing you could do is add visual content that is not related to your topic. It not only looks unprofessional but your readers and subscribers are less likely to engage with your content.


Do not waste the valuable real estate of your eBook by not including a “CALL TO ACTION” in your closing of your beautifully created eBook. The purpose of creating an eBook are creating a list of subscribers and /or buyers, getting them to make a purchase or getting them to engage with your business website.

Either way the Call to Action must be included if you want to make the most of your eBook. It is how successful businesses accomplish their financial goals and making money creating ebooks. But, even if your just creating an eBook for your affiliate marketing or a hobby your passionate about take advantage and leverage the power of your eBook.

Here are two sources you could use to start making money creating ebooks and offer your services: and

Here are a two of top sources I found online to create eBooks and as you will see the prices of these software’s get pretty expensive if you plan on making money creating eBooks and selling them to clients. As you will see below it will cost you $348 a year to use these services and you have to renew every year.

With Sqribble software you only pay a low one time fee and you can use the software indefinitely. There are some upgrades available but not necessary to getting started profiting from this software.

Learn more about Sqribble.

If you want a free eBook maker here are three you might consider if your on a tight budget:

  1. – Canva is an awesome tool with so many other features that it ranks #1 as far as I am concerned because I use it for all my projects whether it’s my Print On Demand Store or my Blog Media it offers you the ability to create an awesome eBook with it’s Free eBook Creator tools and resources. There is a Pro version available that offers premium photos, templates, tools and resources if your like me which uses Canva for all aspects of my business. To start creating your eBook click on Create a Design and in the search box type in eBooks here you will have the option to create your eBook Cover and your entire eBook. Checkout a Demo Video eBook Cover and one page I created in 15 minutes to give you an idea of what you could do with Canva. View Demo
  2. – Visme is a free eBook creator which allows you 5 Projects with Limited Templates but can download as a JPG file only. If you want a PDF format and your own branding you need to upgrade to the Standard Package.
  3. – Like Canva, Crello offers a free membership and Pro membership. The free version has some cool features and tools to create an awesome eBook. I suggest checking out the tutorial section to familiarize yourself with all of its features inside.

If you are someone who values time and don’t have a lot of writing skills then Sqribble might be the answer for you. Sqribble gives you a wide range of tools and resources to create a professional looking eBook in minutes without worrying about how to source the content, templates or design. Watch the Demo above to see all the powerful tools it offers or you can checkout the website to read more.

The most exciting part of all this is you could start making money creating eBooks by using an eBook creator software like Sqribble to do all this without the frustration of putting everything together with ease or being a software engineer. Your income potential is truly unlimited as to what you could do with this powerful software to be able to create eBooks in minutes instead of weeks giving you the advantage of being able to create a side income from home and/or having happy clients wanting more.


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After years of trial and error have learned tips, resources and ideas you could use to avoid mistakes I have made in my blogs and online businesses creating content, marketing, affiliate marketing, online business and solutions discovered that could help everyone aspiring to build a business online during one of the biggest opportunities in 2021 in these crazy times. Sharing my over 13 years experience of online business and running a successful blog for over 9 years. Hope you enjoy the content, resources and tools to empower you and your business growth.

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