Best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog in 2021

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The million dollar question most bloggers and website owners want to know, What are the best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog or website ?

You built your beautiful website or blog started populating and creating great content but nobody is showing up. OMG! What Now ? And sometimes you continuously create content possibly spending hours doing research writing a 2000 word article but still there is little traffic coming to your site.

I know the feeling to well creating a blog where years later it seemed like I would just throw in the towel and close down my site. But being someone who never gives up or stops trying I persisted in looking for answers and stumbled onto a marketing training platform where it all got spelled out to me and I am about to share this wisdom with you here so you too can start to build a long lasting website/blog that will bring you more visitors and potentially more profits if this is what you’re after.

Here are some very crucial areas on how to increase visitors to your blog or website that you should focus your attention on improving. These SEO techniques to increase organic traffic will set you on the right path and improve your site results.

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  1. Identify and Fix Non-Performing Content.

  2. Find New Keyword Opportunities.

  3. Optimize for Higher CTR.

  4. Blog to Increase Ranking Keywords Fast.

  5. Improve Site Architecture to Get Sitelinks.

  6. Dominate Featured Snippets.

  7. SEO

  8. Publish blog content for a time period or time zone where your audience will be more likely to read your content.

Identify and Fix Non-Performing Content.

How do you identify non-performing content you have already created and not getting any traction ? The best way to increase organic traffic on existing content is redo and rewrite. What I mean is redo your research on your main and secondary keywords for this article. You could still use your existing keywords by turning them into Long Tail Keywords.

Identify your non-performing content by using tools like Google Analytics or Site Kit if you’re using WordPress. Site Kit is a WordPress Plugin you can install in your Plugin Dashboard and help you with tracking your content traffic.

For example: Let’s say you would like to rank and/or get more traffic for “weight loss”. You could type in Google Search, ( allintitle: weight loss ) this will give you keyword suggestions that are long tail keywords. As you will notice in illustration below you will be given keyword suggestions that are more specific to a weight loss target audience. You will use each of the following suggestions to find longer keyword suggestions by inputing these keywords with the ( allintitle: ) in front of your keywords. In the next illustration you will see the competition.

Keyword Research Weight Loss

This illustration below shows you how many websites or webpages are using this keyword in their content. As you will notice Weight Loss is to broad of a keyword to use and the competition would be hard to rank in let alone getting your website worth while traffic. As you can see below there are 11 million pages/websites with this search term keyword.

Weight Loss Competition

This is the reason you need to find long tail keywords that are not as competitive and can get you a good amount of traffic to your site. This is one of the free methods of how to increase blog traffic fast on search engines. Now you will see in the illustration below what happens when you start to expand on your search. Using the second keyword phrase from the first search input into browser search box ( allintitle: weight loss exercises ) it gives you some longer phrases you can continue to expand on your search still keeping your main keyword relevant to your original content.

Weight Loos Excercises

Here you will notice the amount of websites and/or pages using the search term ( weight loss exercises ) below. This keyword phrase shows 52,900 search results of pages or websites using this search term. As you can see the longer the keyword phrase called, “long tail keyword” the less competition you will have meaning that your content will have a better chance of ranking and getting more traffic. Now take a look on the next illustration at what happens when I go one level deeper using a longer keyword phrase

Weight Loss Exercises

As you can see in this next illustration below I modified the wording in the search for it to make sense when you apply it to your content Headline. By adding the words Best, Top, Amazing, Discover or a numeral not only will it help in the long tail keyword search but also get the visitor to engage with your content. By doing this still having your main keyword phrase within your search in this search example below you have ended up with a total of only 76 websites or pages that are include this search term in their Headline. Now the competition is much less and you will have a better chance at ranking your content.

Weight Loss Research

Doing this step is crucial to ranking and using a search term that gives you a better chance of getting targeted traffic. Obviously you need to apply this method that is relevant to your market or niche.

In this next step of best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog is to,

Find New Keyword Opportunities

Using the method above you can find many relevant keyword opportunities and narrow them down to the ones that are suited for your content. Once you have all this data you will want to validate your keyword opportunities by using a free keyword tool like Keyword Planner by Google.

There are also paid tools online keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Moz among many but if you are just getting started there is no need for paying to do this. Instead use Google Keyword Planner they own 75% of the search online and provide you with great data to complete an effective search plus it’s free to use.

In illustration #1 below you will see a few elements that you should pay attention to when doing your keyword phrase research. First at the top is the keywords or keyword phrases you are searching for. Google planner also gives you suggestions as you will see directly below the keywords searched. I picked the three most relevant to our initial search for the purpose of this demonstrating of how to do your search.

Keyword Research Google Keyword Planner

Directly below on illustrations # 2, 3 the red boxes on the left is the Monthly searches done on Google for this term or phrases. You will also notice that there are many keyword opportunities with great search volume and Low competition which provides you great keyword phrases to go after in your content.

But before you try to rank for these keyword phrases you should implement the first step discussed earlier to see how many website or web pages are using these phrases and see what are your chances of ranking them in the search engines. The higher you can rank your content for these phrases the more organic traffic you can expect from search engines. This is one of the ways on how to increase visibility of your blog and potentially rank higher.

Keyword Research Google Keyword Planner 2

Keyword Research Google Keyword Planner 3

Optimize for higher CTR ( Click Through Rate )

Now that you have an understanding of keyword opportunities you need to look at your content CTR. One of the ways to improve higher click through rate is by linking to other articles in your site that might cover in more depth on a particular word, phrase or sentence describing something that could be better explained in another article on your site.

Suggesting other content or articles on your site to keep your visitors engaged and on your website/blog to bring down and lower the bounce rate. The bounce rate is calculated by the engagement of your visitors. For example: If your visitor comes to your site because of an article they found on search engines or social media and they read the first paragraph and then leaves immediately your bounce rate will be around 100%.

But if the reader continues to read your article and then clicks on one of your links to another article your bounce rate lowers drastically giving your blog or website a higher score to moving you up the ranks and giving your website more visibility and more traffic.

Also remember the content is all about your reader and should be tailored accordingly to increase optimization of your CTR.

Blog to increase ranking keywords fast

Meaning create more high value content with related keywords you discover to rank for those keywords fast. Initially when starting a new blog it is important to create as much high quality content as possible to rank keywords faster. Although it may take a few weeks to a couple of months to get some traction you should continue to update your blog with new content and improve old articles you’ve already have posted.

Another way to increase ranking keywords faster is know how to increase organic traffic on facebook and other social media platforms. On facebook you post your content making sure to include keywords/hashtags to get more targeted traffic. Create a business page and a group to engage with like minded people looking for your content. Also facebook offers the use of groups related to your niche or market where you can post your content as well.

Another one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog is by

Improving site architecture to get site links

The human mind is always hungry for cognitive equilibrium and being able to put a puzzle logically together, finding what they are looking for and where they expect them to be. Finding a logical website structure is extremely satisfying to users. It puts them at ease and in the process enjoy your content.

Needless to say if your content and website/blog is appealing to your readers then more than likely it is appealing to search engines, too. Google’s algorithm uses the data of user experience to rank your site on search engines. If your website has poor click through rates and high bounce rate, your site will not perform very well in the search engine results pages.

When your site has great structure your readers are more likely to hang around longer and consume the content of your site and even subscribe to your newsletters. A great structure provides your site with Sitelinks.

Sitelinks is a format by SERPs that shows your website’s main page and then directly below the structure of your pages within your site.


Sitelinks are a major SEO advantage. They not only increase the navigation of your site but also lays out a path for your users to find the most relevant information, it helps you dominate the SERPs, increase your sites click through rates, improve your readers trust, increase the reputation of your brand, in other words Sitelinks provides amazing results for your site.

So how do you get Sitelinks ? Google rewards them to your site if your site has a great structure. The one thing you could do is head over to Google’s Search Console and fill out the details of your account, website and when your site achieves a great structure Google will provide them for you.

If your site has a poor site structure, more than likely your site will never get sitelinks. Not having sitelinks could cost your site targeted traffic, higher CTR, and increased conversions.

When your website has a good structure it attracts Web Crawlers like Google Bot to look at your website structure to provide for readers in search results. Google also admits that they sometimes can not read all the content on your website and it is why that sitemaps are essential for your site. This is also why having a great site structure is important because it makes it easier for Google and other search engines the ability to crawl and index your website. Which it is why it is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog or website. When you have a search engine friendly blog site it is happy to crawl and index your site more frequently and send you more targeted traffic.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating or improving a great site structure.

Create a hierarchy of your site,

Before you build your website, it is a great investment of your time since it will allow you to plan the structure of your site keeping in mind the SEO of your structure as well. Here is an example of what your hierarchy structure should look like when complete.


Usually you would want your Header to show the Navigation of your site so it is easy and simple to follow. Do not overcomplicate this process just keep simple for yourself and search engines ease of crawling and indexing.

Keep the number of main categories between 2 to 7 and your sub-categories to a minimum and evenly distributed.

Create URL structure that follows the navigation hierarchy.

If you are using WordPress then all you need is go to Permalinks under Settings and select the Post Name which gives you a great structure for your site URL’s. If not using WordPress then make sure that your URL structure describes the page or blog post title that is short and concise and easy to understand.

Your site navigation should be in HTML or CSS so search engines find it easy to crawl your site. Your website Header should house your main navigation pages with few sub-categories.

And finally, building internal links within your website creating a web within giving your blog or website the more solid site structure search engines love and reward by sending you more organic traffic.

Dominate Featured Snippets

What are featured snippets ? Here below is a perfect illustration I found. This illustrates that when doing a search for, “how to lose weight naturally” because the site answers the question without having to visit the site which you might think is counterintuitive since you want them to go to your website to read more but Google’s first priority is to give the user what they are looking for with as less friction as possible.

Since this site is at #1 position on Google it gets hoards of organic traffic to their site. This is part of having great site structure that search engines love and can navigate easily to provide the user what they are searching for.

Featured Snippets Increase Organic Traffic


What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your website for search engines and making it as easy as possible to navigate and extract information that users and readers are looking for.

SEO is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog since optimizing your website means that search engines will be able to crawl and find your content providing readers with specific information.

Your purpose for creating a website or blog is to provide your readers information they are seeking so why not make it as easy and simple as possible to navigate your site and find what they are searching for. If you are using a WordPress website the best and quickest way to optimize your site is by using Plugins like “All in One SEO” or “Yoast” which are the two most used and easy to apply to your content.


Yoast SEO Plugin

Image Source: WordPress.Org



All in One SEO Pack

Image Source:

An important part of having any of these Plugins for your SEO is that both include an “XML SiteMap”. According to Wikipedia Sitemaps are a protocol that allows a webmaster (Site Owner/Developer) to inform search engines about URLs on your website that are available for search engines to crawl. A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site.

Here below is an illustration of how Plugin search would look like in your WordPress Dashboard. Just install the one you prefer, either one works great for SEO purposes and XML Sitemap.

WordPress SEO Plugins

One important aspect of SEO is doing a thorough keyword/keyword phrase search before starting your website and creating your content as mentioned in above paragraph “Finding Keyword Opportunities”. This is the best investment of your time and the best ways of increase organic traffic to your blog. If you are not doing this step properly it will be an uphill battle trying to increase organic traffic to your website. It is tedious part of creating a blog but the time invested in your research will pay off.

Needless to say one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog is creating high quality and valuable content that your readers are searching for and provides a solution to what they are searching for in search engine browsers.

Publish blog content for a time period or time zone where your audience will be more likely to read your content.

Another one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your blog is by publishing your content at a time when your audience will be available to read your content. For example: If you are targeting US audience then it might serve you best if you target a specific time zone like Eastern Time zone for the East Coast of US or Pacific time Zone for West of US. If you are in Europe and want to target that market apply to that specific time zone.

If you are using WordPress, you could specify what date and time to publish under “Publish Immediately”. Simply click the Edit and enter desired date and time.

If you would like to learn more about marketing your website or blog invest more time improving your skills and study the platforms you would like to use to find your audience.

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