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5 to 500 Employees ERC Small Business Grants

ERC Small Business Grants

The ERC Small Business Grants ( Employee Retention Credit )

A program giving small businesses up to $26,000 per employee without having to repay it back has been a huge success with small businesses but there are more business owners that are not aware of this program and how to go about it. And this is where you and I come in…to help as many small businesses get the relief they need and the future of their businesses.

Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Our Country!

So we started looking around seeking answers and we found many making their services available but one company stood out Bottom Line Savings. They have helped over 12,000 clients and helping hundreds more every day.

Bottom Line is assisting our clients with various forms of government aid, in particular the Employee Retention Credit Program (ERC), which was part of the American Rescue Act legislation of March 2021 .

The legislation revised the original ERC program included in the CARES Act of May 2020 that stated an employer had to choose between the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and ERC.

The 2021 legislation expanded, extended, and enlarged the ERC program allowing eligible employers to benefit from both PPP and ERC. Many business owners do not realize that they are now eligible for the ERC even if they previously received PPP funds.

Small Businesses Bottom Line Savings has helped over the years include many from different Restaurant businesses. If you have 5 employees up to 500 employees you could receive a refund for each employee under the ERC program as well.

Bottom Line Savings helps you through the myriad of complexities that may pertain to your company’s unique situation such as the following:

• Program benefits to both small and large employers

• Eligibility requirements by Revenues or Governmental orders for past and future quarters

• Aggregation affiliation rules

• International nuances

• Treatment of furloughed employees & employees paid while not working

• Eligible costs besides wages such as employer paid healthcare & pension contributions

• Full or partial eligibility of Program benefits for the duration or part of the Program’s 21 months

• What constitutes a Recovery Startup Business and its benefits under the Program

• Rules governing Part Time employees

• Nuances of Union and Non-Union situations

• Multi-state companies sort through multiple Governor’s Executive Orders impact on eligibility

• Analyzing the mathematical sweet spot to maximize both PPP forgiveness and ERC credits

• Demystifying FAQs from the IRS

Many Health and Fitness Businesses have taken advantage of this ERC program currently available until 2023 even if you have received a PPP funds prior.

If you have already received small business grants / ERC Funds then you could pass it on to your business friends or other businesses you might know. Share this article with them to help them receive these funds before the doors close.
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